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Warren Stone
Oct 13, 2016
Independence, KY

Today, it has been one year since Jerry's memorial and I miss him just as much today as I did then. I have felt his loss every day in my life and will always. He was a wonderful man and a loving husband and never can he be replaced in my heart. I know he is with God and looking down upon me and still taking care of me. Jerry will never be forgotten and will always be loved deeply. I look foward to the day we will be reunited in heaven.

carrol henderson
Aug 27, 2011
gatesville, TX

Today, it has been 169 days since Jerry left me to go be with our Lord. I know he is happy and I pray for him constantly. I miss him so much, it seems like it was yesterday that he went away, the sorrow in my heart feels that way. I talk to him constantly and I know that he hears me. I feel him beside me at all times, trying to help me get through the days until I join him. You can never be ready for anything like this, no matter how much warning you may have. Live each day as if it is your last and never go to bed angry. Kiss each other good morning and good-bye when you go off anywhere alone. You never know what the day will bring and those are my husband's words. I know he is not in anymore pain and I thank God for that. He is with his twin brother, sitting on a river bank fishing and shooting the breeze. Our dog is there , playing with my granddaughter that God took in 2002. What a glorious day it will be to join them. I miss Jerry and Love him with all of my heart and always will. It helps to write this in his memory and know it will always be here to read and may be of comfort. Jerry, I miss you and wil see you soon. FOREVER, YOUR BABY Carrol

carrrol henderson
Feb 5, 2011
gatesville, TX

I loved my husband very deeply and we had such a special relationship. Where you saw him, you saw me and vice versa. We LIKED each other. I will miss him for the rest of my life and cannot wait to join him. What a joyful reunion that will be! Jerry was a wonderful caring man that would give you his last penny or borrow it for you... He loved his cats, me and most of all, his Savior. He was ready to go to heaven, he told me he was excited because he was going to see God. Things happen on this earth that you cannot explain, families fight, treat others badly, and really show they do not care. That's okay. God knows all and will take care of all things eventually. Cancer is a horrible disease and for Jerry's memory, please be checked often and stay out of the sun..He had melanoma and never knew it. It is the most aggressive of cancers and treatments usually don't help. In his memory, be checked. I will love Jerry for the rest of my life and a very large hole is in my heart. He was happy until the very last, so don't forget to laugh often and love dearly.

carrrol henderson
Sep 1, 2010
foster, KY

We are so very sorry for your loss. We will continue to pray for your family at this time. Jerry will remembered and missed by all those who cared for him!

2AO Nurses
Aug 26, 2010
St. E. Edgewood, KY

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